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Warranty Policy
ERAŽ Mask warrants that products that you buy from us will be delivered free from manufacturing defects. Please note that this is not a mass produced consumer goods.
If this product proves defective in either material or workmanship, it will be replaced without charge during the limited warranty period if returned to ERAŽ Mask.
The Trade Practices Act 1974 (the Act) protects consumers when they buy goods and services.
It does so by saying that there are legal rights and obligations in every contract between a buyer and a seller. For example, the law requires that goods must be free of defects, and do what they are meant to do.
 Warranties and refunds: a guide for consumers and businesses.

From Competition and Consumer Act 2010:
Seller is not obliged to provide a refund, credit or exchange if a consumer has:
changed their mind, decided they no longer want the goods or just don’t like them, or found that goods are the wrong size or colour.
found they can buy the same or similar goods elsewhere for a cheaper price examined goods before buying them and should have seen any fault at that time had a defect drawn to their attention before they purchased goods, for example, when goods are clearly labelled as seconds or faulty.

Where goods have breached a statutory warranty condition, customer have the right to claim compensation from a manufacturer or importer.
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